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Why Me

I Will Add Professionalism To Your Music

I've been onstage and in recording studios since 4th grade, and I don't intend to stop now! After recording over 75 songs, and spending over 1000 hours tracking instruments in the studio for both clients and my own projects, I've decided to utilize my experience to help local musicians. When you book me to lay down a drum, guitar, bass, or vocal track at your studio, what you receive is professionalism, preparedness, flexibility, and results. As an artist, I understand the perfectionism that goes into crafting your songs. I respond beautifully to all feedback, and continue working with you until you are satisfied with the end product. Just ask some of my

past clients


Jillian Caillouette


"Julian Sherwood is one of a kind. His talent and professionalism are remarkable and he’s an absolute joy to work with! Julian has played drums, acoustic and electric guitar on my album. He has contributed the most creative and detailed ideas to my music, all of which perfectly capture the essence of the songs. He knows exactly how to help bring my songs to life in the most organic and genuine way. You can be certain that Julian will bring positive energy to every session and offer quick, consistent, and professional communication throughout your project."

Grand Cinematic

EP art.jpg

"We came to Julian with four original songs with loose drum arrangements. He did a great job of taking our ideas and adding his own creative embellishments, working with us until we were happy with the end product. Julian was both prepared during our free practice session and recording day, as well as enthusiastic through the recording process. Thanks Julian for an awesome and fun recording experience!"

One Foot In The Grave

One foot grave testimony pic 2.jpeg

"Julian was extremely professional and kind. His effortless ability to please his clients is profound. Genuinely down to earth and all around cool person to work with".

Michael J. Sundberg


"Julian gets it done! I am a singer/songwriter and my music covers a wide array of genres and styles. Julian has played drums on many of my songs. Julian always gets the job done. I highly recommend him!"

Sound Samples Strip

Sound Samples From Clients

Grand Cinematic

One of my favorite projects yet. When Ian Shrager and John Eron reached out to me about playing in-studio drums for this EP,  and I heard the rough demos of the songs, I was floored! Effortlessly blending together different influences into well thought out arrangements, with monstrous guitar and bass playing, this release is something special!

Jenna Thompson

Stoked to have been a small part of this new EP! Jenna is a new artist with old talent, writing and performing soothingly heartfelt original songs that many of us can relate to. I did minimalistic soft drums and percussion on this one to leave space for her lovely fingerpicking and vocals. Simple = powerful was the formula for this project. 

Gabbie Gannon

Gabbie came in with no studio experience, and an idea for an original song. Many laughs later, we were left with Not Yet- a true joy to blast in the car! We can't believe how cool this came out! I got to make and play the Drum part, Bass part, and Electric guitar parts, and hope to work on her next masterpiece :) Thanks Gabbie!

Anthony Amato

A super cool creation of vibey lo fi indie and modern pop with influences coming from the old greats of funk and classic rock. I was called in to lay down drums on this project and had a really great time adding to these amazing artworks. You may not believe this, but this was his first official release. I look forward to hearing what he comes up with next!!

Jillian Caillouette

Jillian is one of CTs most outstanding vocalists and songwriters. She started as a professional theater actress, and recently transitioned into the world of making her own music. I have had the pleasure of tracking drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, and some electric guitar on her debut full album! 

Ariana O'dell 

Arianna (artist name "Outsourced Feelings) is new to the music industry. She is a writer for an online magazine, and decided to try her hand at songwriting. Having written beautiful lyrics with no musical background, she found songwriters, musicians and producers through the freelance website, Fiverr, to help bring her songs into the world! I was hired to do all of the vocals on her debut self titled album, am I'm very proud of the end product! We will be continuing to work together both in the studio, and by performing live shows in NY under her artist name. 

Nixon Omollo

Nixon Omollo is a rhythm guitar player, singer, composer, and poet with over 15 years experience as a solo performer and band leader for African roots and reggae-inspired music. I was asked to help create an in-studio arrangement of his new single "If You Just Hold On." I was a huge fan of his musicianship, the songwriting, and calm/creative energy in the studio. After a very fun session, I ended up tracking the drums, bass, auxiliary percussion, reggae organ 'bubble', guitar solo, and background guitar parts. Really proud of how it came out!

Nicole & Kate

Although Kate Luongo is new to songwriting and music production, she has a natural skill for catchy lyric writing! After singing her songs into a voice recorder, I helped her create the chordal structure and record the whole arrangement. Add her friend and talented vocalist, Nicole Caterino, to the mix and the rest is history. Her Single Spring Will Come was written  in honor of Newtown, to spread hope for a more peaceful future, and all proceeds from the song go towards supporting communities affected by gun violence. 

One Foot In The Grave

These guys are an up and coming Alternate Rock/Punk band based out of CT with a dark sound and a creative modern spin. It was a pleasure working with them to create and record drum parts for their debut EP, Fire And Ice. Their primary influences are Evanescence, The Pretty Reckless, Billie Eillish, and Marilyn Mansion. With vocals that personally remind me of the emotion and fearlessness of Alison Mosshart (The Kills and The Dead Weather), and killer distorted guitar, this is a project that begs to be cranked often!

Laddyson Yumba

A loyal worshipper, and passionate singer/songwriter, Laddyson Yumba came to Pharaoh Studios with a song idea, and we created and recorded a full arrangement for him! In his single "Make A New Way," I am on drums, keyboard/piano, EBO guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and other aux instruments. 

Michael J. Sundberg

Michael is a local artist that has been recording originals and covers in CT for years. This is one of my favorites, a sultry, jazzy masterpiece originally by Dionne Warwick. I got to play drums on this track!

Odds and EndsMichael J. Sundberg
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For more examples of my my tracking abilities on all instruments, take a listen to my original music!

Pricing (perfomance)


Hire me to lay down a drum track, acoustic (or electric) guitar track, bass track, or ukulele track 

Hire me to lay down a vocal track

Hire me to play drums, guitar, bass, or sing in your band for live shows

Hire me to perform at your wedding (solo amplified acoustic performance)

Hire me to perform my music at your event or party (solo amplified acoustic performance)

Hired me to compose and arrange your original song for you 

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