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I Will Make Your Guitar, Bass, or Uke Play and Sound It's Best

Why Me

I am a guitar tech that is a musician first. Everything I ever do to an instrument is meant to serve the music, whether it be letting the instrument play in tune everywhere on the neck, making the strings ring clear, or making it easier for the musician (you) to play. A guitar that begs you to pick it up is a guitar that creates the best music over time.


When it comes to piece of mind, what sets me apart is that I offer a free 'checkup' for all guitars that I setup, up to 6 months after the original setup. Wooden instruments are highly affected by changes in weather, temperature, and humidity. In New England, this can cause your guitar to go out of wack before you are ready to pay for another full setup. I like to make sure that my customers are getting the best playability out of their instrument for as long as possible. **must store guitar(s) in a hard case, and humidify in the winter (if is an acoustic) to qualify.


The music that is playing right now (turn volume on) is an example of a guitar setup and played by me! In addition, all of the original music on this website was performed on instruments that I repaired and setup! Below are some testimonies from past clients, and for a more in-depth look at my experience over the years, here is a .pdf taken from my personal guitar flipping side business records to get an idea of how many instruments I've worked on! Here's a resume too!

Repair Tesimonies


Enzo Ferro

"I have been playing guitar for 30 years and I’ve used many luthiers and guitar techs over that time. Julian is the best by far in workmanship, knowledge, quality, & customer service. His complementary 6 month seasonal checkup not only shows confidence in his work, but is an incredible value. I now run my own recording studio and we have 8 guitars and basses in daily rotation that have been set up by Julian. Those guitars consistently win the shoot out with our customers when It comes between using our instruments or their own for recordings. Enough said. Do you & your guitar a favor and give Julian a call."

Guit repair pricing
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Simple Setup

I will give your instrument great intonation, great action with no buzz, lubed nut slots, and shiny frets. Recommended for weather changes, or when your guitar just doesn't play like it used to. 



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Fret Level Setup

When there are high/low spots in your fretboard, you need higher action to prevent buzz in select places. A fret level and re-crown allows for even lower action, since every fret-top is on a level plane. 



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Other Repairs

I can do bridge re-glues, saddle/nut replacements, some neck resets, finish crack seals, etc. Each repair is priced individually based on what you need- just bring the guitar in and we will agree on a price beforehand!



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