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About Julian 

Being a drummer from the age of 10, creating music has almost always been a massive part of his life. By 13 years old, he was already performing at bars and local events alongside his brother in Hard Water, a band they put together on their own.


By 18, Sherwood decided to pick up a guitar and start teaching himself how to play. Falling in love with the tonality and beauty of the sound coming from his instruments, the music flowed freely. Focusing on songwriting, he began putting together original material based on life experiences and personal thoughts, and hasn’t stopped since.  

Having performed in bands since 2009, spreading his music through live performance is nothing new to Sherwood. You can typically find him playing multiple shows a month to keep up his chops and build an audience. In addition, he stays busy with hired live and in-studio work for local and remote artists           . 

His Singles EP, and full length album, Sorrow Is a Virtue are available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets. 

Music and Lyrics Strip


Text/Call     860-558-3923

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